Sunday, August 14, 2011


                                 Life isn't always what you want it to be, it's what you make it. My life hasn't always been happiness full of roses and smiles. It took me this long to see that only I make changes to make things better. I am a mother to some of the most amazing children you will ever met, wife to great man who I love madly. We have our fights, troubles but at least we care enough to fight for what we love and want. Life hasn't always been a easy ride. I'm a full- time student, mother and wife when do I have me time to make myself happy, to rest fully? Well I'm a mom I don't get I'm lucky to be able to get a shower and get the house clean before the kids get up. Life is amazing at the same time if I say so myself. I am blessed to have my children who loves  me no matter what happens as well a husband who has my back. But why do I feel like I'm falling apart? I guess only time will tell....

as the sun rises,
like a zombie,
trapped in this dream
i watch life pass by;
i wandered alone,
fighting all that came in my way,
struggling to make sense of this
war, that does not seem to stop;
a shell of what i used to be,
i wear a mask to hide me from
the vultures that prowl all around,
wanting something to chew on;
no emotion,
no pain and,
no happiness,
just a haunted emptiness;
yelling and screaming,
hiding behind closed doors,
watching life pass by
with my empty eyes;
alone i sit,                
in the grip of darkness,
as the arms of silence slowly engulf me,
a strange numbness takes over me;

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